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Welcome to Go4schools

Before logging in, please read carefully and keep in mind the following key points:

1.Your child has already been granted access to go4schools and should be familiar with its contents.

2.Go4schools, together with our well-established reporting system and consultation afternoon events should allow you to be more involved and immersed in your child’s progress.

3.The range of subjects, their curriculum contents across three Key Stage and the variety of assessments available to you are quite diverse and can be quite overwhelming. Consequently, with the intention of making this platform as user friendly as possible, I have asked our Curriculum Leaders to identify the key results and homework related information that you need.

4.Go4schools is a platform that should help you get more involved in your child’s progress. Our aim as a school is to offer you full transparency and access to the regular assessment results that are taking place over the academic year. However, it is important to keep in mind that raw data/marks/comments can be difficult to grasp without having a full understanding of every single subject’s assessment criteria and curriculum contents; this is why we are encouraging you to carefully follow the step by step user guide which should answer your questions on the information available.

5.Please be aware that it is likely that some current marks/grades will be lower than your child’s predicted grade. It may be the case for a whole module, maybe for a sub-skill within a module. It is crucial to remember that students are working towards their predicted grade and therefore are likely to obtain lower grades/marks along the way as they are building up their expertise and knowledge. Those results should improve throughout the course of the academic year.

6.Some departmental areas whose mark book were created in earlier will be populated with more data than those which have been created more recently. Despite this gradual process, I can confirm that the mark books available will contain a range of assessment and homework information that you will find useful.

For your first login, please refer to the GO4schols launch letter that was email to you. In that letter you will find the correct email address that you need to log in as a parent or carer.

You will find guidelines on how to log in and find your way around Go4schools below. Please make sure that you select the correct Year group as students’ profile and instructions differ across Key Stages.

For any feedback or queries please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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