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Moodle - An introduction

Moodle is a ‘Managed Learning Environment’ originally developed for the Higher Education sector.  It is a platform for connecting students to the resources they need to become independent learners away from the school environment.  All students receive extensive training in how to use and access Moodle in school from both the ICT department and within curriculum areas.

The key areas of information in Moodle for both students and parents to access are:

  • All student homework with deadlines.
  • News items such as PE practises and match dates.
  • From 8th November 2014 student progress reports will be archived in Moodle.
  • Additional learning resources such as past exam papers and videos.
  • Timetables
  • Achievement and Behaviour points.
  • Attendance data.

However parents don’t have the luxury of a classroom to  learn these skills in.  To help parents learn some Moodle basics you  can access a printed step by step guide by clicking on the link below or watching the video guide below.

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